The Strange Fruit of Entitlement

First of all, why is Serena William’s name even in John McEnroe’s mouth? Did she call him a name; or talk bad about his tennis game to some reporter? This idea that you feel so free to insult the greatest woman tennis player in history (who happens to be Black); and in the midst of her pregnancy. What lack of a sense of relevance, loss of public attention, and decency deficiency, informs your brain that the proper thing to do is to attack this great woman now? And this coming from the most immature and petulant of all professional tennis players. Clearly we have entered, and are presently wallowing in the indecent muck and mired age of Trump. Mr. McEnroe should engage in some good public service works, and hire a good publicist, who can help bring his name back into the public conversation, but in a more positive and productive way.